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Brand Cooperation


Brand Co-Operation

A sustainably chosen brand cooperation creates a win-win situation that can give both brands an industry boost. Marketing budgets are used sensibly and efficiently, and target group intersections are optimally utilised. INSTYLE fashion&art identifies and defines potential cooperation partners for you.

We support you in drawing up the contracts then supervise this cooperation comprehensively, both in terms of content and creativity. We are also there for you in cases of quality assurance and staff training for brand cooperation.

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INSTYLE fashion&art advises you comprehensively on implementing your CI projects incorporate fashion and POS, store and trade fair construction.

We do not only create well-thought-out clothing or interior concepts adapted to your corporate identity, but we also take over the growth-oriented planning in matters of business development and advise you on the advancement and establishment of your brand.

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Business Planning


Businesss Plan

An analytical and well-elaborated business plan increases the chances of success for your merchandise and corporate fashion products immensely! During business planning, we first define which products you want to offer. A market analysis of the competitors and a definition of the target groups follow. We analyse your company’s strengths and weaknesses and point out the chances and risks of the strategy.

We define marketing measures with you and advise you on the operational organisation and implementation within the company. The marketing and textile experts of INSTYLE fashion&art lead your brand to success!

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Employee Coaching


Corporate fashion, merchandising, and product launches work when your employees act authentically as brand ambassadors for your company. They should feel comfortable in their corporate clothing and wear it with joy and self-confidence.

This not only improves the external image of your brand but also increases the sense of unity within the company. INSTYLE fashion&art’s image trainers support you in motivating your employees and identifying them with your company DNA. We develop service guidelines and train professionalism in the external appearance of your employees. INSTYLE fashion&art supports you until your merchandising, and corporate fashion are sustainably and successfully established!

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Assortment Strategy


Product Range Strategy

Many companies try to satisfy their customers by offering ever-larger assortments and cheaper products. This is only possible with significant time and financial effort and involves many risks besides brand dilution.

INSTYLE fashion&art develops a comprehensive smart assortment strategy for you that will set you apart from your competitors and give you a head start and a more secure position on the market.

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