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From sheep to shop – 360° in a new dimension! Breeding sheep?! No, we don’t do that (yet), although our founder’s roots are not so far removed from this line of work. For us, full service means more than just a “convenient word”, but rather the entirety of what we can offer. We want to and will support you comprehensively. Besides, we form an added value that also holds a fair treatment of resources and suppliers! The individual divisions of INSTYLE make this action possible both extensively and cost-efficiently.

The foundation of our full service for your corporate fashion and merchandise is the appropriate establishment of production coupled with stringent quality assurance. Creating a collection begins with conception and strategy, which we develop together with you, based on your target groups and brand DNA. We then develop the designs for the merchandise collection, select materials and create samples. Finally, we provide you with the fitting textile production in certified factories worldwide and timely on-site delivery. Full service also includes warehousing, shipping to employees and setting up service hotlines. We develop appropriate webshops and create catalogues, including photoshoots and full visual content. Our INSTYLE Models and INSTYLE Productions Productions divisions are specialised in these areas—fast turnaround, efficient effort, high quality for fair budgets.
We look forward to talking to you and will be happy to give you an insight into references that are comparable and tangible for you.

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Conception & Design


Design Flow Chart

The need for worlds of experience and touchpoints for customers is increasing significantly in the course of advancing digitalisation. Materials and target group-relevant digital components, merchandising and special customer loyalty programs are part of our approach to developing your projects.

Every project starts with the DNA of your brand and the creative exchange of ideas. Together with you, we develop a tailor-made collection concept that distinctively reflects the style of your brand. Our highly qualified fashion team, graphic and communication designers creatively implement these designs with great passion and profound CI collection experience. Trend scouts from various industries enrich our creative potential. POS, experience platforms, trade fair stands, corporate fashion and merchandising products are the results of optimal conceptual work. Strategists, architects and designers will develop for you. Sales and marketing specialists from INSTYLE will implement your projects. 360-degree communication – said, done!

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Development & Patterning


Measure of Design
Precision Design

Cooperating close, our team of designers, art directors and textile specialists will develop all the essential components for your corporate fashion, including material samples of your merchandising products.

INSTYLE fashion&art accompanies and advises you at every step of the development of your projects and collections. Essential for the sustainable success and DNA of your collections are the right measurement charts and gradings. The development and adherence to your CI colours and the finishing of your products are our core competencies. At INSTYLE, full service also includes completing all legal and customs-related laboratory tests and developing all requirements for the final sample’s joint release and the start of a successful production.

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Sourcing & Production


Country of Production

We are always on the move for worldwide sourcing of the best suppliers and partners. This is how we guarantee an optimal price-performance ratio. As an independent agency, we are happy to conduct pitches and tenders for you.

INSTYLE fashion&art holds all the necessary professional qualifications and certificates. Our trend scouts and designers search the world for the latest gadgets, innovative textiles, accessories and modern finishes for your product requirements. Our supplier portfolio is subject to ongoing strict controls and meets the highest social and ecological quality standards.

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Sustainability & Quality Management



We take responsibility. Compliance with social and ecological standards during production and the durability of the textiles in your collection is a matter close to our hearts!

We work exclusively with certified companies in which international labour and social standards are guaranteed, e.g. the prohibition of child labour, compliance with minimum wage and working time regulations, and occupational safety and fire protection measures. We support small, traditional businesses and family-run companies that cannot afford complicated and expensive certifications but produce outstanding work, by offering them suitable projects and taking responsibility for the quality, accreditation and comprehensive project management.
We engage our suppliers in environmentally friendly production in compliance with legal standards and guidelines on environmental protection. Our specialists regularly visit production sites and check whether production processes, requirements and policies comply with all necessary standards (Reach, Ökoteks, GB, CPSIA and many more).

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Logistics & Distribution



INSTYLE fashion&art takes over the complete handling, from production to delivery, of your corporate fashion and merchandising collections, the execution of your trade-fair construction and POS elements.

We ensure the worldwide flow of your ordered products. In addition, we take care of the complex import procedures at customs and thus guarantee on-time, reliable delivery to any place on the globe. If you need warehouse handling for a shorter or longer period, e.g. delivery to another country for an event or to a race track, our partners are at your disposal worldwide.

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Our fulfilment service takes care of everything related to storage and shipping of your goods. Do you need a store or further handling? We offer a full-service organisation. Webshop conception and creation tailored to your company for B2B or B2C comes with our services from a single source.

Does it need more? We can provide clothing for your employees, for example, or produce your catalogue. We also cater full costumer service from service hotlines to support all electronic platforms. For visual content and the implementation of catalogues or web stores, we work closely with our in-house experts:

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