From sheep to shop – 360° in a new dimension!
Breeding sheep?! No, we do not do that (yet), even though the roots of our founder are not so far away from this field of profession. Full service is not just a „conducive word“, but rather the expectation towards our work. We want to and will support you extensively. We also bring added value through the fair handling of resources and suppliers. The individual divisions of INSTYLE make these actions possible and cost efficient.

The fundament for your corporate fashion and merchandise is the suitable preparation of the production as well as the entire quality assurance. The cycle of the collection creation begins with the conception and the strategy, which we develop together with you by help of your target groups and brand-DNA. In the next step we create the designs of the merge- collection, select the materials and develop the samples. At the end stands the suitable textile productions in certificated companies around the world and their timely shipping. Full service also includes stock-keeping, delivery of the goods to your staff and the establishment of service hotlines. We develop fitting webshops and create catalogs including photoshoots and all the visual contents. Our other divisions, INSTYLE Models and INSTYLE Productions are specialised in this field. Short ways, effective effort, high quality and fair budgets. We are looking forward to meeting you and would gladly give you an insight through comparable references.

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Conception & Design


Design Flow Chart

The need for touch points and interactive experiences of clients increases remarkably with the rising digitalization. Materials and target group relevant digital elements, merchandising and special customer retention programs are natural part during the development of your projects.

At the beginning of every project is the DNA of your brand and the creative exchange of ideas: We acquire, together with you and for you an individual collection concept, which reflects the style of your brand unmistakebly. Our team of highly qualified fashion, graphic and communication designers realize these concepts creatively with lots of passion and long-time CI-collection experience. Trend scouts from various fields enrich our creative potential. POS, adventure platforms, trade fair booths, corporate fashion products and merchandising are results of ideal, conceptional work. Strategists, architects and designer develop for you. Sales and marketing specialists from INSTYLE implement your projects. No sooner said than done!

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Development& Sampling


Measure of Design
Precision Design

In close co-operation with each other, our team of designers, art directors and textile experts acquire all essential components for your corporate fashion, material samples of your merchandising included.

Upon request, INSTYLE fashion&art accompanies and coaches every development step of your projects and collections. Essential for the sustainable success and the DNA of your collections is the use of the right measurement table and gradation. The development and maintenance of your CI- colors and the refinement of your products are our core competencies. Full service at INSTYLE also includes the handling of all legal and customs relevant laboratory tests as well as the compliance of all requirements for the release of the final samples and the start of a successful production.

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Sourcing & Production


Country of Production

We are constantly searching for the global acquisition of the best delivery services and partners. That way we ensure the optimal price-performance ratio. As an independent agency we gladly carry out pitches and announcements for you.

INSTYLE fashion&art has all the necessary qualifications and certificates. Out trend scouts and designers search for the newest gadgets, innovative textiles, accessories and modern refinements for your product requests.
Our supplier portfolio is subject to permanent control and fulfills the highest social and ecological quality standards.

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Sustainability & Quality Management



We take responsibility. Compliance with the social and ecological standards during the production as well as the longevity oft he textiles of your collection is a matter close to our heart.

We solely work with certificated companies, which support international social and working standards. For example the prohibition of child labor and the compliance with minimum wages as well as measurements for fire safety. We support small businesses, which may not be able to afford expensive certificates by intentionally placing fitting projects and securing the quality along with the certification and the entire perfect management.
We oblige our suppliers to produce in an eco-friendly manner in compliance with legal norms and environmental guidelines. Our experts regularly visit the production locations and make sure that all processes and requirements meet the demanded standards (Reach, Ökoteks, GB, CPSIA and many more).

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Logistics & Distribution



INSTYLE fashion&art takes over the entire implementation, from the production to the distribution of your corporate fashion and merchandising collection, the construction of your exhibition booth and of the POS elements.

We secure the intercontinental delivery of your ordered products. We also handle the complex import procedures at the customs services and guarantee a timeline and reliable delivery to any location in this world. Our partners around the world are always available and ready to help you, should you be in short or long term need of storage handling or should you desire the delivery of a product to a foreign country to an event or a racing track.

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Our fulfillment-service handles everything that has to do with the storage and delivery of your products. You need a shop or similar? We offer full- service- organization. The conception and development of webshops, tailored individually to your company for B2B or B2C is just another of our many services.

You need more? We can organize the clothing for your staff or produce your catalog. We also realize full- customer- service beginning with service hotlines up to the care of all electronic platforms and e-commerce. For visual contents and the creation of catalogues we work closely together with our in house experts:

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